Jamie Brown AIA
30 Years Experience

Jamie believes that a good design is one that you don't have to explain, it's self-evident. Respect and communication is viewed as crucial in dealing with clients, team members and family. Family is important to Jamie, he likes spending quality time with his wife of 26 years, Felicia, and their two sons. Extended members of the family include standard and miniature horses, giving them a full pasture. There is never enough time for all of Jamie's interests, but some of his favorite hobbies include woodcarving, woodworking, and Cowboy Action Shooting.

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Stuart O'Dell AIA
30 Years Experience

Stu has discovered that keeping a sense of humor about the occasional obstacle is beneficial to maintaining a creative flow of ideas, as well as, an enjoyable environment in which to work. There may be long work days at times, but Stu strives to keep a good balance between career and family. He enjoys spending time with his wife of 19 years, Valerie, a Breast Cancer Survivor, volunteering at his church, cooking gourmet meals, and woodworking. However, his favorite hobby is Cowboy Action Shooting, which he has done for over 14 years, winning several awards ( He would be more than happy to teach you the sport, just ask.

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Both Jamie and Stuart are active in the Northern Alabama American Institute of
Architects (AIA), having both held the titles of Vice-President and President.
Jamie is also active at a Regional level with AIA, presently
being the Regional Director for YAF, Gulf States Region.